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The Greatest Gold Heists in History

Gold is the most important element in the world. It is related to money and power throughout history. It’s value never ever dropped. The price may vary, but the value is always the same. Such value made the wrong people greedy.
Gold Mining

You see that lovely gold necklace, or that mesmerizing gold coin and you can’t help but buying it. But, have you ever thought about where gold come from? We know it is not easy, but have you ever really thought about how hard it could be?
Gold Processing

We all know that we get gold from gold mines. But, have you ever asked yourself how? How do we get the gold from earth, separate it, shape it then wear it or keep it?
The history of Gold Coins Continue

The majority of the world once dealt using the same currency. No! Not dollars, gold coins.
The history of gold coins

Imagine a world where money was gold..! Where people used to buy milk and eggs for gold! It’s hard to imagine now, and could actually be a comic concept given the times we’re thriving through, but boy; it existed!
Gold coin Traditions Continue

Around the world, gold coins are tied to different sorts of celebrations, whether the events are happy ones or sad ones.
Gold coin Traditions

People of the world are so different in many ways, except when it comes to gold coin traditions. It is precious and timeless everywhere. It is related to deaths, weddings, births, and all types of celebrations.