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The Greatest Gold Heists in History

Gold is the most important element in the world. It is related to money and power throughout history. It’s value never ever dropped. The price may vary, but the value is always the same. Such value made the wrong people greedy. They
aspired to get hold on such power, and of course, tons of money. Here, we will discuss the greatest, biggest gold heists in the modern history.In the 1930s, planes were used to transport gold from a place to the other. It was highly secured and safer from trains that were robbed and looted for too long in the 1800s. in 1935, three men were able to steal a 19 million dollars’ worth of gold bars from an airplane going from England to Belgium and France. The funniest thing was that those three men didn’t have to go through a hell of an effort to steal the gold. Only one man was assigned for night duty, and despite the fact that there were five strong suspects, only one man went to jail for the robbery, and the gold was never found! In 1976, a group related to the Palestinian Liberation Organization managed to steal a treasure worth 296 million dollars! The robbery took place in the British bank of the middle east in Beirut. Despite the highly equipped security guards and measures, the group managed to blast a hole in the back of the bank through the wall of a catholic church next to it. The robbers took two days to clean the vaults! They stole everything of value, money, gold, bonds, stocks, and jewels. They were never caught! In 1983, a group of six guys wearing ski masks broke into the Brinks Mat warehouse in London. Someone from the bank informed them that there 3 million dollars being kept in the warehouse and they came to steal it. Upon arriving, they realized that the information was wrong. The warehouse held 76 boxes of gold bullion, containing more than 6,800 gold bars, upon other treasures. They threatened the guards and forced them to open the warehouse,took the treasure, and fled. They did escape the crime scene, but they couldn’t escape the curse. Some people compared it to the curse of king tut. Twenty people that were related to the crime were said to have died because of greed and anger.
In 1995, Kerry Packer, an Australian media celebrity was stolen. A treasure of over 11. Million dollars was taken from his safe. An expert safe breaker broke into his safe one morning and cleaned it. the thief was never caught nor even tracked
down. It was said that he melted the gold in a city nearby.The greatest heists are not only exclusive to the 90s. in 2012, two men fled with a suit case filled with 2.6 million dollars in gold flakes, after they stole it from a man in Florida. One of the two men was caught due to GPS data that was received from his ankle monitor, as he was convicted in previous criminal activity. he managed to escape after he was released in bail, but caught again on the borders between Guatemala and Belize.


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